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This is the Future

There’s so much woe in our country over race. So many things to address, fix, understand and recalibrate on. But I, as a white man, can’t reach back and undo the things generations before me did.

What I can do is teach my children the truth - and one none greater than Luke 6:31 ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you.’ And like most truths, it’s fairly easy to grasp, but extremely hard to do in every circumstance.

Living out kindness won’t make the news. Living out grace isn’t the path to fame. Forgiveness isn’t flashy. Holding on to hard relationships through struggles isn’t fodder for reality shows.

The reason I care about morals and values is that they change the fabric of cultures. Laws shape consequences and give boundaries, but values underpin everything.

Pump your fists with the politicians. Enjoy the moment - for your reward IS that moment. Get the dopamine rush from being ‘right’ when the next news story hits. Your prize is internal.

Forgive the undeserving - your reward is freedom from bitterness. Sacrifice for one that doesn’t believe like you - your reward is quiet, real-life influence.

Teach and show your children there’s a different way. Be honest about the past and the present, but if the hope you offer them is in a party or a platform - they’re destined to be disappointed much like you’ve been. Show them that media, politics and popular trends will never save them.

When I look at this picture of my son, I see joy and hope in life. Now, it’s my job to steer him: to encourage him to treat others as he would like to be treated in every circumstance. To love people more than success, power or personal gain.

The challenge to me as a dad is daunting. But the hope of a different future for what will soon be his country and his culture is awesome. God built him with a huge capacity to love - and I will warrior through to protect and encourage that capacity.

Look at your kids today and mount up for the quiet war. Cut a path for them to achieve true greatness and humility - to treat others the way they would want to be treated.

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