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Judge / Discern

Matthew 7:1; 6

Don’t judge. Also. Be discerning.

Christians and non-christians alike love the ‘don’t judge’ passages. For the believer it reminds us that our own sanctification should be our chief concern. For both it can be a shield for unholy living.

Don’t judge isn’t a cop out that allows us to be unaware. Not judging others doesn’t mean stop using discernment or toss out wisdom.

Right after Matthew tells us to deal with our own sin and shortcomings, he tells us not to toss what is holy to dogs or throw our pearls before the pigs…cause they might just turn and tear us to pieces.

It’s a combination: let God judge the hearts of others, but don’t be a fool with what is holy and valuable in your life. Use some discernment in your relationships. “Don’t judge” does not equate to “Don’t have boundaries.”

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