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Suffering and a Verse for Today

Although He was a son, He learned obedience through what He suffered. Hebrews 5:8.

My ooof verse of the day.

I often wonder what the point of suffering is. Why is it necessary? Why does God allow it?

But I can’t forget that Jesus suffered and the scripture says He learned obedience through it.

And the point isn’t to debate Jesus’ perception or his holiness. The point is to remember that Christ had a journey of suffering just like me. Just like you.

The outcome for Him was obedience. And ‘being made perfect’ - he did the greatest work of all history.

But somehow we want to skip the obedience part. We suffer and then want to turn our suffering on its end and demand recompense.

Our current cultural view of suffering is that it enables us to demand something. We’re owed something. We deserve something for our suffering.

As Christians, we don’t operate in the worldly economy of justice, debt and vengeance - we operate in God’s economy and kingdom of grace and truth. We deserve NOTHING. We are owed NOTHING. Our best move is obedience and gratitude in living.

If Jesus learned through what he suffered, then it’s our time as believers to learn from our suffering and grow through the pain and discomfort by allowing God to reshape us and mold us.

Time to aim for PTSG (Post Traumatic Stress Growth) rather than rolling in the PTSD forever.

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