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Sometimes I think we’ve just got it all backwards.

The crux of our faith is a man laying down His life for undeserving people. It’s the defining moment for humanity. Sacrifice.

But in all things - we’ve equated the greatest to be the biggest, the most popular, the most talented, the most charismatic. Those that draw the biggest crowd are esteemed as the greatest spiritual leaders of our day.

I was deeply saddened to hear of Carl Lentz’s recently release from his ministry position at Hillsong church. I’ve had the opportunity to hear Carl a few times, and I’ve many times been blessed by what he’s had to say.

Carl, like the rest of us, is a flawed human. No matter how many people you’ve ministered to…no matter how big the platform…we’re all fallible folk.

Carl is obviously responsible for himself - but I don’t think the American church has helped much. We elevate pastors to places of super-human position. We are so focused celebrating their talent and their gifted ways of communicating - that we’ve forgotten that Jesus didn’t save people by being a great teacher to large crowds.

Granted, Jesus drew some large crowds throughout the gospel - ministering to them and healing them. But His ability to teach, heal and lead large crowds wasn’t the method by which they were saved.

We were saved because He died. The greatest thing He did for us was give all of Himself.

It was self sacrifice that was the pinnacle of Jesus’ love towards us. And likewise, self sacrifice in love and care for our neighbor, should be the pinnacle of our ministry.

I’m reminded today to honor those in my life that have endured personal sacrifice for my spiritual growth. They are few - but they are giants of my faith. I think we’d all benefit by taking our eyes off the platform now and again and look around at those that are sacrificing for the sake of the gospel.

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