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But Even If He Doesn't.

I want the ‘even if he doesn’t’ kind of faith found in Daniel 3. When faced with a fiery demise, I want the faith that says “My God is able to rescue me, but even if He doesn’t, I won’t worship anything or anyone else.”

Our faith is in a person (Jesus), not in the outcomes of situations in life.

When the culture around me sets out a new god and pressures everyone to bow down to it, I have the same options as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I can serve those gods or I can serve the true living God and trust in His sovereignty.

It’s interesting to note that the officials surrounding the story in Daniel weren’t converted by any argument or logic of these 3 men. There wasn’t a forum or long debate on why they refused to serve Nebuchadnezzar’s new golden god. It wasn’t until AFTER they survived the fire that God’s faithfulness was seen by all and then minds and hearts began to change.

I want a faith that isn’t propped up on whether or not God will show up in the way I wish He would. I want the “trust God anyway” kind of faith that doesn’t buckle under pressure. I desire the kind of faith that Jesus expresses as “Not my will, Lord, but Yours.” I want the kind of faith that’s bold enough to stand against the pressure of worshiping something else, but strong enough not to explode in “righteous anger”.

There’s a lot of outcomes heading our way. Elections will have results, but will my faith remain vibrant “Even if He doesn’t” put MY candidate in office? Covid won’t disappear overnight, but will my faith be firm “Even if He doesn’t” provide a vaccine on my timeline? You can fill in the blanks for yourself…will you stand with Christ, “Even if He doesn’t” ___________?

If my faith rests on outcomes, I’m promised a tumultuous and shaky daily existence. But if my faith abides in the One who saves, I’m promised daily access to a comforter and keeper of my heart and soul.

That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God…

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