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But I Will Be With You

But I Will Be With You

You may be the deliverance someone is waiting on. You might be the one that leads a culture away from the brokenness of the world to the restoration that is found in Christ.

The Israelites had been slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years. God heard His people crying out to Him. And He promised to rescue them. And then He said to Moses, “So you go ‘head and go free those people” (JLSV) (That’s my personal translation)

Moses response sounds like mine a lot of the time, “Wait, what? Me? Naw.”

And God then said 5 powerful, life-altering words: “I Will Be With You.”

I will be with You.

The promise of God’s presence is everything.

God’s call to us leads us outside of our comfort zone. I can’t find any example of God calling us to something comfortable.

But that’s what makes it beautiful. He goes with us. He empowers us. He does the impossible through us.

Maybe He’s calling you to change the culture of your work place. Maybe He’s calling you to share your faith with a neighbor. Maybe He’s calling you into public office.

Whatever you feel Him calling you to; Remember He’s with you when you step out. Obedience + His presence = fullness of walking with Jesus.

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