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Choose Your Approach

Choose your approach, Christians. You can either engage with suspicion or with grace.

Suspicion (fear based) or Grace (love based).

How we engage others displays how BIG we believe our God to be.

Suspicion says, ‘I love myself most’ and ‘God needs my help to take care of ME’.

Grace says, ‘I love others more’ and ‘God is bigger than any person, organization or political party and He does a better job taking care of me than I can fathom.’

The world is watching and listening. Loving each other through election year says more than our vote ever will. May our allegiance lie in the grace of the gospel and His command to love our neighbor MORE than ourselves.

The unity of Gods people is proof positive that Jesus is real. “That they may all be that the world may believe that You sent Me.”

John 17:21 NASB

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