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Church Is Important

All 3 of my kids are on sports teams. They’re on those teams whether they are on the field w/ their teammates or not. But they’re only playing as a team when they all show up at the same time & act together. What’s more, w/out real-time coaching, their performance suffers greatly

As Christian nominalism declines in America, “going to church” isn’t the cultural norm any longer. Way more people claim to be Christians than those who show up at for church on Sunday mornings. Church is no longer something you “just do”.

Church is easier than ever to “attend” with the ease of streaming services. And though I’m a supporter of online ministries, I fear what was meant to be a stop-gap to serve those in dire straights, has become a new acceptable way to “be the church”.

The church has always been a people. But more accurately a church is a group of people assembled in a particular place. Online church, created to keep us connected when forced apart, is now spoken of as a viable way to “do church.”

Just like my kids and their teams — if you’re a Christian you ARE the church. You’re on the team. But if you want to advance the kingdom of God (in your personal life or in your community) you’ve got to show up with the rest of the team to play.

Some of us are busy on Sundays shooting free-throws in the driveway, when there’s a coach on the court waiting for us to arrive and engage with the other players. Some of us have perfected our at-home shots but wonder why we’re being clobbered out in the work place.

Over the next few weeks, I want to have an open conversation about 1) why Hebrews 10:25 is incredibly applicable to our lives and 2)why physical presence holds deeper implications that we can no longer take for granted.

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