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At the beginning of the year, I felt God nudging me to write. I kept hearing “Spend time with me and your pen and your journal”. I felt like it was odd and I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing. But as I started to spend time with Him, I started writing daily devotionals about worship, specifically worship in the corporate setting.

I finished a week’s worth of devotionals and told my small group what I felt like God was asking me to do. I handed them these worship devotionals and thought to myself, “this is weird, but maybe this is why you wrote them…to encourage your friends”. And I kept on writing - not really knowing who I was writing for.

When March rolled around and we all started living through a pandemic, I laughed at the fact that I had just written these devotionals on corporate worship. It didn’t even look like we’d be meeting as a local church body for some time and it seemed a lot of what I had been focused on wouldn’t have any immediate purpose. But I just kept writing. I wrote thoughts on worship and other aspects of walking in faith and began sharing them on social media and eventually on my blog.

A few weeks later, I sat down with my pastor, Rod MacIlvaine, and we began to discuss the series on worship that we were doing this fall and an opportunity to publish a book that goes hand in hand with the series. He graciously asked if I wanted to be a part of the book and I told him of how God had been leading me to write. Our book, Enthroned, was birthed in that meeting.

I tell you this backstory to encourage you in this: when God calls, you don’t always know the ‘why’. Sometimes obedience doesn’t come with a detailed plan. Sometimes you just have to follow. When we don’t know why, God does. When we don’t see a purpose, God has a plan.

We say we trust in God and His plan, but often side-step acts of obedience that don’t make sense to us in the moment. But the BEST part of the process isn’t even the tangible or physical outcomes of God’s plan. The sweetest part of the process is knowing that God is very present with us in our daily lives, always working things towards His good.

It was an honor to do something different, something challenging and fall in love with a new way of encountering God. I’m excited that I get to share part of my journey with you. I hope you enjoy Enthroned and are encouraged into an even deeper worship relationship with Jesus.

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