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Eyes of Hope

Today, I thought I’d let the words of my daughter (11) speak. Her words remind me that, as parents, there’s no greater joy and nothing of greater importance than the character we help foster in our children.

Our kids are the future decision makers - and they are listening to our rhetoric and are more intuitive to the climate of our culture than we realize.

Inspired by MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, she penned her own words about the future she’d like to see.

“I dream a world where the windows of love will unbolt and it’s fresh wind will open eyes to see what is really important. I dream a world where the blinding light of hate can be covered by the clouds. I dream a world where peace can speak through the lips that have not been sealed by selfishness. I dream a world where the hurt can be bandaged by the cloth of love, a world where the creases of loathe can be ironed out by kindness. I dream a world where the blankets of love can surround others without warmth. I dream a world where the floodgates of adoration can open and wash away all of the hatred. I dream a world where everyone can join hands without a link missing. I dream a world where the stars can spell out a destiny where everyone is loved, I dream a world.

Proud of you, baby girl, for dreaming with kind eyes and a heart of hope. For recognizing the brokenness and aiming for equality, peace and overwhelming love.

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