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Hurrying the Hallow

(Why our prayer lives are weak)

He said, when you pray - pray like this:

“Our Father, in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

When Jesus was teaching us how to pray, He puts hallowing the Father at the top of the list. Hallowing is revering and extolling the Father above all other things, honoring him as holy. Hallowing is beholding God and treasuring Him.

To hallow God, it requires time and space to step away from the concerns of life and turn our eyes...turn our whole being towards Him. To behold Him, we have to hold a position in His presence long enough to gaze at Him.

A hurried hallow doesn’t exist.

Hallowing is like a scenic stop along a mountain road. It requires us to slow down, stop, exit the vehicle and take in the scenery. It’s a breathtaking view. It’s the idea of trying to take in something so expansive that a picture of the view just isn’t enough. You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

To hallow God means to find a breathtaking view that causes an awestruck state of the soul. If you don’t slow down enough to gaze at it, you miss it completely.

I want to pray from the state of hallowing God. Partly, because it’s what Jesus told me to do - but also because it obliterates my feeble perspective of life and ushers me into a whole different state of existing.

Trying to microwave prayer and our beholding of God is nuking the depth and richness of our relationship with Him. Cramming our entire prayer full of our desires, requests and human-sized dreaming is limiting the God we’re meant to gaze at.

Here's to not hurrying our hallowing of the Father today. Here's to looking to the heavens, considering the works of His hands, the moon and the awe that He is even mindful of us.

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