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New Man

3 years ago today I was a different man. I had just been released from jail and was facing the hardest battle of my life. I remember the sun creeping in through the shades as I woke up and thinking, “Jerod, you can either run away or run to Jesus.”

Today I celebrate 3 years of sobriety. But it’s way more than that. I celebrate transformation and the freedom that had eluded me for years.

Some people hear my story and think “baggage”. For them, I hope they don’t have to hit rock bottom like I did for God to soften their hearts and show them we’re all a couple of bad decisions away from being one of “those people”.

Some people hear my story and think “redemption”. And to all of those along the way, especially my wife Elaine, that never stopped believing in me and the calling God had on my life, I am deeply grateful.

And to anyone struggling with addiction or shaky in their faith; I’m your huckleberry. I’m always happy to listen and to be on your team in your journey.

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