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What You Do Matters

You create a culture when you do what you do.  Intentionally or unintentionally, you’re making an atmosphere around you as you go about your life that has the ability to catalyze good things in others.

My 3rd grader’s football season is coming to a close.  And as I think back on the past few months, I’m truly grateful to God for football. If you know me, you’ll realize that’s a pretty weird thing to come out of my mouth.

I’m not really thankful for football so much (even though the physical exertion and team structure has been wildly developmental for my boy), I’m really thankful for the people that have been a part of it.

The kicker was having coaches that love the game, show and demand respect from their players, but were good men overall.  

I know these coaches care about the boys, the game and being the best team they could be…but the culture and environment they created was the thing that fostered growth in my son.

I’m sure they didn’t drive into practice thinking about changing a 3rd grader’s perspective on life - but the consistent, positive and challenging space they created made a difference that had a ripple effect in our family.

Our country seems to be caught up on the idea that only big people can do big things.  Entertainers, presidents, ‘bosses’.  But I believe it’s part of what is broken in our thinking and is highlighted in the brokenness of our nation.

And while ‘big people’ are important - they don’t hold near the power to influence those in our circles as we do.  The places you volunteer or serve / your church / your neighborhood - they all need the best you.  There’s purpose for you being there, even if you can’t always directly see it.

A huge reminder today, that in whatever we do, we’re culture creators (whether we want to be or not).  And it matters what you do.  It matters how you do it.

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