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When he came to himself…

Break through moments.

We pray for breakthrough…in our relationships, in our health, in our struggles. Sometimes, though, breakthrough is simply waking up to your current reality.

I’ve been sitting with the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15). You probably know the story…the punk of a son that took his money and went crazy, living the wild life. Squandering his life away.

But the phrase that is swarming me is this one: “But when he came to himself”. The dude is so messed up he’s trying to score some pig slop for food when he wakes up…when he finally snaps out of it.

Sometimes all the breakthrough we need is just to see our reality. We are so good at deluding ourselves and spinning the narrative about our own lives that we can’t see our situation clearly. Even more - we can’t see that we got ourselves into that situation by the decisions that we voluntarily made.

That’s my hope. For myself…for those that are feeling distant from God; that we would “come to ourselves” and clearly view our reality.

Acknowledging our reality usually leads to a deeper understanding of our desperation for our Father. Our reality shows us our need for salvation in the NOW, not just in the eternal sense.

It might be that waking up to our reality today is realizing that our head is in down in the slop of social media or that we’ve dug ourself into a mess of a relationship we know we don’t belong in. Acknowledging reality can be painful.

But we have the promise of a Father that sees us while we’re a long way off. When our hearts and mind turn towards the Father, we’ll always notice that’s He’s ready to embrace us. Not only accept us, but lavish us with His best.

May today be a wide-awake, fully present day of reality for you and for me. I’m asking God to grant it daily for myself, so that I don’t waste time in the slop…but instead run towards His presence.

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