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Why it’s Good

I remember being young and thinking ‘What’s good about Jesus dying? Why do we call it Good Friday when it’s so sad?’

I hadn’t had the chance to make my biggest mistakes. I hadn’t felt the heartache of my own sin. I had a budding love for a God that would send His Son for me - but I couldn’t really grasp what He had done for me.

And I still can’t quite grasp it. But now, after some years under my belt, having experienced my own brokenness and propensity for the wrong - I can edge a little closer to the ‘good’ in Good Friday.

What I deserve? brokenness. What I gained? healing both now and for eternity.

It’s GOOD because He took the death we owe, the punishment we deserve - and He took it away for right now and forever.

It’s GOOD because He poured Himself out for ones like me and like you. It’s GOOD because it’s the most perfect example of love in human history.

Today, we pause to abide in His testimony to us and to reflect on our own stories and our gratefulness for a gift that has changed our very essence.

He has been, is and will be GOOD. Remember and respond.

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